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Today in Pop Culture History
September 20, 1973

Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs in the infamous Battle of the Sexes tennis match at the Houston Astrodome in Texas. Champions keep playing until they get it right!

Fashion Crush  Friday
Zooey Deschanel

Who’s that girl? It’s…Zooey! Even though this retro doll has recently stolen our hearts in The New Girl, Ms. Deschanel is anything but new when it comes to the fashion scene. Whether she’s slinking in a plunging Proenza Schouler gown on the cover of Elle Magazine or being the all-American girl next door spokeswoman for Tommy Hillfiger, Zooey encompasses the entire spectrum of classic fashion. By mixing silhouettes that span the decades and keeping faithful to her own quirky styling, Deschanel seems to have this fashion thing down pact. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want her dress collection?

Today in Pop Culture History
September 19, 1949

Lesley Hornby, better known as the iconic British supermodel Twiggy, is born. The Face of ‘66? More like the face of timeless elegance.

Today in Pop Culture History
September 18, 1837

Tiffany & Co. is founded as a stationary and fancy good emporium by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young in New York City. That’s right, I’m just CRAZY about Tiffany’s.

Today in Pop Culture History
September 17, 1983

The first African American winner, Vanessa Williams, is crowned Miss America. Save the best for…first.

Wardrobe Wednesday
Art Attack

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Today in Pop Culture History
September 16, 1984

The quintessential 80’s television cornerstone, Miami Vice, premieres on NBC. Miami Wice, number one new show!